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Registered with Texas Board of Professional Engineers Since 2005 | Certificate of Registration F-8502

Relevant Solutions from Experienced Professional Consultants

Finding the right consultant for your project can be a challenge. With a number of options at your disposal, you may feel overwhelmed. At DEMS, we strongly believe that our expertise separates us from the pack. We have years of experience in a wide range of engineering sectors. When you choose DEMS, you'll get a dedicated consultant with specialized knowledge.

Our Experience

Our highly skilled team of consultants have worldwide experience as business, commercial, and technical leaders. We've worked on key international mega projects for our clients in the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power & Renewables, Building, Bridges, Roads, Environmental & IT Infrastructure  Sectors for nearly 30 years, building projects from rough concepts to final execution and fulfilling the following roles:

• PMO Director/Program Director/Project Director

• Program Manager/Project Manager

• Commercial Manager

• Business Manager

• Government Relations Manager

• Assurance, Interface & Risk Manager

• Engineering Manager

• Construction Manager

• Environmental & Safety Lead

• Structural Engineering Lead

• Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) Engineering Lead

• Civil Engineering Lead

• Geotechnical Engineering Lead

• Subsea Engineering Lead

• Cost & Schedule Estimating Lead

• Process Engineering Lead

• Data Platform Engineer

• Data Pipeline Engineer

• Data Architect

• Data Analyst

• Data Scientist

Platform Design

Areas of Expertise

• Upstream Oil & Gas Engineering , Procurement and Construction Management (Onshore, Offshore & Deep Water)
• Midstream Oil & Gas Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (Pipeline Transmission & Storage)
• Downstream Oil & Gas Engineering, Procurement & Construction  Management (Petroleum Refinery, Chemical, & Petrochemical)
• Environmental Engineering & Remediation
• Infrastructure (Building, Bridge, Roads & Streets)  Engineering, Procurement  & Construction Management 
• Power Engineering, Procurement & Construction  Management
• Power Generation Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management
• Power Transmission Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management
• Power Distribution Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management
• Renewables Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management
• Inspection and Underwater Technology
• Government Services
• Engineering , Leadership & Project Management Training and Staffing
• Project Assurance & Audit; Quality Control & Assurance
• Emergency Management & Disaster Recovery Program Management
• Waste Water & Sewage Treatment